American Guinea Hogs

2021 Breeding Schedule:
Intact piglets (gilts and boars) will be registered with AGHA.

 Pairing: Due Date: Pricing
Almost Heaven Dominic x Almost Heaven Alice June 2021

Registered: Gilts: $100
Boars: $75

Feeders: $65


Our hogs play an integral role in our approach to regenerative and sustainable farming on a small scale by helping us turn overgrown forested areas and heavy underbrush into silvopasture. They work in tandem with our dairy goats clearing invasive weeds and dense brush, establishing perennial grasses, and boosting biodiversity in their stead.

We are members of the American Guinea Hog Association and are so excited to be working with this rare heritage breed. American Guinea Hogs (AGH) have a rich and storied history in the southern United States and are incredibly well equipped for life in our hot, humid environment. With their excellent foraging and mothering abilities, manageable size, and friendly temperaments, they are the perfect fit for our farm.

Our Herd:


Almost Heaven Alice

 Almost Heaven Dominic (boar)