Available Birds

NPIP/AI clean, flock #55-1723

Please email me (duskwoodfarm@gmail.com) or message the farm Facebook page to place an order. Local pickup only - we do not ship baby birds at this time. For biosecurity reasons we meet in Kenly at Food Lion or at Tractor Supply in Selma or Wilson. We do not take payment before they are hatched but we will offer hatchlings to our wait list before making them available to the public.

Currently Available and Upcoming Hatches:

Minimum purchase of 4 chicks or ducklings.

  • March 24: Blue Wheaten Marans, Blue Wheaten Ameraucanas
  • March 26: Blue Wheaten Marans, Blue Wheaten Ameraucanas, Olive Eggers
  • April 2: Welsh Harlequins