Lizzie's Frizzies

Lizzie's Frizzies are my frizzle easter egger project - these fluffy ladies lay a rainbow of colors, often in pastel shades and with heavy blooms. They are sweet, calm birds, and their feathers are incredibly soft.

It's important to note that when purchasing frizzle hatching eggs there is a 50/50 chance of getting frizzled chicks. Breeding two frizzles is not considered to be an ethical breeding practice because it could result it what's referred to as a frazzle, or a bird that has two copies of the frizzle gene instead of one. Frazzles have weak, brittle feathers that break off easily and can bleed if broken off near the base - these birds often end up bald and uncomfortable.

Our frizzle pens are a blue wheaten Ameraucana rooster over frizzle hens, and a blue silver frizzle rooster over a combination of easter egger and olive egger hens. These chicks can hatch in a wide array of colors including black, shades of blue, red, white, duckwing, and more.