Mauve Silkies

Our mauve pen is a mauve showgirl rooster over bearded satin mauve, bearded chocolate, and bearded satin mauve splash. All female chicks from this pen will hatch out chocolate, mauve, or mauve splash. Male chicks are a 50/50 chance to hatch out chocolate, mauve, or mauve splash OR blue, black, or splash all split to chocolate (carrying chocolate). Satin and silkie feathers are both possible, with more chicks being silkie than satin. So far about half the chicks have been showgirls and half have been regular bearded. See below for a breakdown of Mauve x Mauve breeding outcomes.


mauve showgirl silkie rooster

satin mauve feathers silkie chicken

Mauve x Mauve Breeding Outcomes

(actual hatches will vary, these are the statistical odds of each possibility)

BB = black; Bb = blue; bb = splash

CC = black; Cc = black split to chocolate male or chocolate female; cc = chocolate male
Chocolate is a recessive sex linked gene; females only need one copy to express the gene while males need two copies.

Mauve Rooster = Bbcc
Mauve Hen = BbCc

Bbcc x BbCc = 12.5% BBCc, 25% BbCc, 12.5% BBcc, 25% Bbcc, 12.5% bbCc, 12.5% bbcc

What does this equate to in the phenotypes (appearance) of the chicks?

  • For MALES: 12.5% black split to chocolate, 25% blue split to chocolate, 12.5% chocolate, 25% mauve, 12.5% splash split to chocolate, 12.5% mauve splash
  • For FEMALES: 25% chocolate, 50% mauve, 25% mauve splash
  • OVERALL: 6.5% black split to chocolate males, 12% blue split to chocolate males, 6.5% splash split to chocolate males, 19% chocolate, 37% mauve19% mauve splash