F2+ Olive Eggers

Our olive egger flock is currently comprised of Wheaten Marans roosters over F2 and F3 hens. Chicks will be F3 and F4. Most of our girls came from an olive egger crossed back to a dark brown layer, primarily Black Copper Marans and Barred Rocks, and we are seeing some lovely deep greens with heavy blooms and speckles thanks to these genetics.

You can expect offspring from this pen to be well built, sturdy dual purpose birds with barred, wheaten, or shades of partridge plumage likely, single combs, feathered legs, and calm, gentle dispositions. We breed for healthy and friendly birds who are consistent producers of medium to large eggs in a gorgeous range of greens, and our girls certainly deliver.

It's important to note that while subsequent generations of olive eggers produce the coolest and widest variety of shades, the only generation that is guaranteed to produce olives and greens is our F1 olive eggers.