Prices listed below and subject to change. Hatchlings are sold straight run unless otherwise noted.

Feel free to mix and match your hatching egg orders. We do not recommend incubating different species together due to different incubation requirements and duration, and for those hatching in their incubator (as opposed to having a separate hatcher) we don't recommend incubating Muscovies with other breeds of ducks since their incubation time is about a week longer. See our hatching egg shipping & FAQ here.


  • Blue Slate Turkeys (heritage rare breed) $8/egg, $13/poult


  • Blue Wheaten Marans $6/egg, $12/chick
  • Blue Wheaten Ameraucanas $6/egg, $12/chick
  • Silkies:
    • Mauve pen (mauve showgirl over chocolate and satin mauve/mauve splash) $9/egg, $20/chick
      • Satin and silkie feathers possible, NN/SG possible 
    • Blue Cream (porcelain) $6/egg, $10/chick
      • all feather types possible
    • Partridge/Crele: partridge over partridge & cuckoo $6/egg, $10/chick for partridge, $12/chick for crele
      • NN, Bearded NN, and showgirl possible
    • Cuckoo $7/egg, $12/chick
      • Satin and silkie feathers possible
      • NN and showgirl possible 
  • Fibro Eggers $5/egg, $7/chick
    • Wheaten Ameraucana x Ayam Cemani
  • Olive Eggers  $4/egg, $6/chick
    • Pen 1:
      • Wheaten Ameraucana rooster over:
        • F2-F5 OE
        • Frizzle OE
        • Frizzle EE
        • Wheaten Marans
    • Pen 2:
      • Splash Silver Marans rooster over:
        • F1-F4 OE
        • blue Ameraucana
  • Muscovy Ducks $4/egg, $7/duckling
  • Welsh Harlequin Ducks (autosexing heritage rare breed, autosexing trait is 75%+ accurate) $6/egg, quads $45 (three females one male), individual females $15/ea, individual males $5/ea 


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