Rabbit Sales Policy

Deposits on rabbits are accepted on a first come first served basis - we do keep a wait list but if other folks are looking for the same thing as you please know you may not be the one to get that particular rabbit.

The best way to keep track of what we may have coming available is through the Nestbox page on our website.

Deposits are half of the total cost of the rabbit and are non-refundable and non-transferable, sent through Paypal Friends and Family or Venmo. The only exception is if something were to happen to the rabbit before it leaves my care. In that case I will either refund the deposit or transfer it to an available rabbit of your choice.

Kits leave between between 10 and 12 weeks for TAMUKs and after 16 weeks for Silver Fox. Rabbits are tattooed in their left ear prior to leaving.

All kits are sent with their pedigree and a bag of transition food - our rabbits eat Carolina Pride 16% rabbit pellet (locally made at Coker Feed Mill). All of our rabbits get free choice second cut grass hay, safe chews/toys, forage, and occasional snacks from the garden.

All rabbits are healthy and happy to the best of my knowledge when they leave my care.  I do not give medical advice; if any injury or illness occurs please consult a veterinarian and/or mentor. We do our best to sex our kits accurately but mistakes can happen - you are welcome to verify the sex of the rabbit before taking them home, but we will not swap or refund rabbits after that point.

For bio-security reasons we do not allow visitors on farm - all rabbits are picked up off farm in Kenly or Clayton. We do request right of first refusal if you decide to sell one of our rabbits in the future. 

By placing a deposit or purchasing a rabbit you confirm that you have read and agree to these policies.