Senior Does

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Cora is a beautiful doe with a powerhouse pedigree to match. Her udder has a wonderful texture with an impressive capacity. I love her confident and outgoing personality - she is definitely a herd queen. Nothing fazes this girl and she is always first to greet us at the gate. Cora scored 83 +VV+ as a first freshener in 2018. She is consistent and puts milk in the pail but doesn’t have the area of attachment in her escutcheon to support her high production, so that is what I am working on improving in her daughters  

Sire: *B CH J&M Hideaway AB Jupiter (89 VEE)
SS: +*B GCH Lakeshore Ace Bellagio (90 VEE)
SD: SGCH J&M Hideaway Farm Isabelle 1*M (92 EEEE)

Dam: SG Morgen Star Be My Valentine 1*M (87 VV+V)
DS: CH B.A. Dairy Farm Spot of Tipper (90 EEE)
DD: SG In The Reds Dot of Sugar (82 VAEA)



Bailey is one of the sweetest goats I've ever met. She has a quiet presence that is affectionate and friendly without being overbearing - she simply loves to be in our company. Her milk stand manners are second to none and her udder milks down to nothing. I love her udder texture and hope to see it passed down to her daughters. She has good width, pretty nice area of attachment, and so far her daughter is looking to have a nice wide stance. I would like to see a smoother foreudder and even more “stuck on” attachments in her daughters, as well as stronger feet and legs.

Sire: B.A. Dairy Farm Merlin's Magic (89 VEE)
SS: *B Lil Mill Crk Eclipse Luke
SD: SG Frog Flat Folger's Bling Bling (86 VEE+)

Dam: Morgen Star Caffe' Zorro
DS: Kasey's Kids Walt Disney
DD: Backcountry Mahala