Hatching Egg Policies & FAQ

Shipping and handling is included in the price for dozens and half dozens. You are welcome to order multiple dozens when production allows, but they may not ship together. Prices are subject to change along with carrier rates. We ship March-November with the exception of July and August due to our extremely hot summers. All hatching egg orders are shipped as "hold for pickup" unless otherwise requested in the order notes.


Please email us (duskwoodfarm@gmail.com) or message the farm Facebook page to arrange pickup for eggs locally. We will meet customers at Petco in Clayton.


Hatching egg orders are scheduled on a first come first served basis. We only ship on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Saturdays to avoid eggs being held in transit over the weekend. Orders ship within 4 weeks unless extenuating circumstances arise. Once shipped, eggs typically arrive in 2-4 days.

I check fertility in all pens regularly and hatch our eggs all season here on the farm. I will not ship if I have any doubts about the eggs being fertilized.

While we cannot control how the eggs are handled during shipping, we can do our very best to ensure that the eggs get to you safely. We package the eggs in foam, securely tucked in with bubble wrap on every side. We mark boxes with "no x-ray", and Fragile/This Side Up stickers. A packing slip, NPIP 9-3 form, and egg label key will be included for your records.


We do not have any guarantees for hatch rates and we do not refund hatching egg purchases. There are simply too many factors out of our control that can affect hatch rates. We do guarantee the following:

We don't send any eggs that are more than 3 days old to ensure eggs arrive less than a week after being laid.

We pack our eggs as safely and securely as we possibly can.

All shipped packages are insured. If the eggs arrive damaged, a claim needs to be made through the USPS by the customer with the tracking number (see below).

Please understand that buying hatching eggs is always a risk. We want our customers to have the best possible hatch rates. I understand that having a poor hatch rate on eggs you purchased is frustrating, but please know we are doing everything we can on our end to ensure great hatches for our customers. By purchasing our hatching eggs you acknowledge and agree that we are not responsible for any damage that occurs during shipping, nor are we responsible for your hatch rates. We do not offer refunds on hatching egg orders.

My eggs arrived! Now what?

We recommend resting shipped eggs upright (pointy end down) for 24 hours at room temperature to let them settle. Candle them and check for any cracks or detached air cells. Any eggs that arrive with detached air cells will have the best chance of hatching if incubated upright (pointy end down). After the eggs have settled for 24 hours they can go into the incubator. Be sure to check your eggs' specific incubation requirements (time, temperature, and humidity) and have your incubator ready ahead of time.

My package was damaged in transit, what do I do?

If the worst happens and your package arrives damaged, you need to immediately file a claim with USPS. We can not file the claim for you. When filing a damage claim USPS needs to see the box in the condition it was delivered to you in. Save your shipping box, tracking number, proof of purchase, and photos of any damage. File a claim online immediately for eggs. If you put in the claim online, and it’s not automatically paid to you based on your evidence of damage, you will receive a letter within two weeks requesting you bring your damaged box to your local post office for proof of damage. Our goal is always to get the eggs to you safely so that you never have to deal with the claims process.