Welsh Harlequin Ducks

The Welsh Harlequins ("Welshies") are arguably the prettiest birds on the farm. Always on the go, they spend their days happily foraging, napping in the sun, and excitedly conversing over the latest rain puddles. The low pitched timbre of the drake's vocalizations provides a fun contrast to the more stereotypical "quack" of the females, and you will surely know when they are ready for their breakfast. Definitely louder than the Muscovies (most birds are, honestly) but not as intense as some other breeds of duck, the Welshies are friendly, chatty, and inquisitive.

Originally created as a mutation of the Khaki Campbell, this rare heritage breed is lauded for their egg production. They boast an impressive 250-330 eggs per year. Being a lighter bodied breed (Welshie drakes are about half the size of a Muscovy drake) they are not as well suited to dual purpose, but can still dress out a respectable carcass should the need to thin the flock arise. Another perk of this breed is that they are auto-sexing - meaning they can be sexed at hatch with 90% accuracy! For the first 2-3 days after hatching the females will have a lighter bill with a dark tip, and males will hatch with a solid dark bill - a male and female duckling are pictured side by side below.

We currently have all silver phase ducks.