Blue Wheaten Marans

Our Blue Wheaten Marans are definitely contenders for my favorite birds on the farm. Gentle, calm, and friendly, these big-bodied beauties take everything in stride. Their heavily feathered legs add a touch of fun to what is otherwise a very noble looking bird. One nice thing about this breed is that since roosters are so much darker than hens, you can tell pretty early on what your cockerel to pullet ratio is. This pen is currently comprised of a standard wheaten rooster over standard, blue, and splash wheaten hens, so you can expect chicks to be a combination of blue wheaten and standard wheaten.

Our Blue Wheaten Marans come from show quality lines (courtesy of Windy Hill Marans). I breed for Standard of Perfection and temperament first and foremost, selecting for darker eggs where I can. I have found our wheatens to be especially friendly and easygoing, with some being downright cuddly. They are by far my most laid back flock aside from the Silkies, and would be another great choice for families with young children who want to be more hands on with their birds or for chicken keepers with a mix of standard and bantam breeds in their flock.