Chicken Tender’s Choice
Chicken Tender’s Choice
Chicken Tender’s Choice

Chicken Tender’s Choice

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Want to throw a surprise party in your incubator? Then this is for you! I’ll include a fun variety of egg colors and breeds - whatever I happen to collect that day. I can’t guarantee any particular color or breed, but you will only receive eggs collected from our standard sized chickens (no silkies). Eggs will be labeled with their breed(s) - each order includes an egg label key.

Current possibilities:

Easter Eggers

Olive Eggers (F1-F3, two bloodlines - Marans crosses)

Blue Silver Marans

Wheaten Marans

Lizzie’s Frizzies (large fowl frizzle easter eggers)

I am always keeping an eye on fertilization rates and will not send out eggs if I have any doubts about good fertility. By purchasing you acknowledge and agree that we are not responsible for your hatch rates, or any damage to the eggs after they leave our hands. Due to the complex nature of egg color genetics we cannot guarantee that any offspring from a particular cross will lay a particular color, however we do only use blue based layers in our olive egger flock. What I can say is that you will receive an awesome range of shades from these chicks. We only sell our freshest eggs as hatching eggs to give our customers the best possible odds of successful hatches. Please handle your eggs carefully!

Please review our shipping policies and follow the instructions to ensure your order is sent out in a timely manner.

FARM PICKUP: I will reach out when your eggs are ready for pick up, you can then schedule a time to pick up your order. We are a small farm striving to produce the best possible birds for our community, not a large scale hatchery, and we appreciate your support! Use code LOCAL6 (for half dozens) or LOCAL12 (for dozens) at checkout to remove the cost of shipping & handling.